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    Agency Directory


        Office of the Executive Director

    The Office of the Executive Director is responsible for the overall administration and management of the Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW). One of its major focuses is the development of the South Carolina workforce system, which includes more than 50 SC Works centers statewide. In these centers, DEW and its workforce partners provide services to meet the needs of the state’s businesses, jobseekers and those looking to further their careers.


        Employment Services Division

    The Division of Employment Services (ES) is responsible for the administration of employment services and Workforce Investment Act (WIA). It coordinates the programs and activities of the SC Works centers and ensures WIA contract implementation.

    The ES Division also directs and oversees all Bureau of Labor Statistics programs, Veterans programs, and the South Carolina Occupational Information System. The following departments report under this division: Reemployment Operations, Workforce Development, Business Services, and Veterans.

    Learn more about Employment Services here.


        Unemployment Insurance Division

    The Unemployment Insurance (UI) Division is responsible for operating the statewide UI program, which involves employer tax liability determination, collection, and records maintenance; processing and payment of claims for unemployment benefits; and fraud prevention and detection.

    The UI Division also formulates policy and advises the General Assembly on UI legislation. The following departments report under this Division: UI Tax; UI Field Service, including Benefit Payment Control; Policy, Procedures and Oversight, including UI Technical Services, Quality Control, and UI Benefits.

    Learn more about Unemployment Insurance here.


        Appellate Division

    The Appellate Division is responsible for handling appeals related to unemployment benefits, unemployment tax, trade, set-off debt, and other contested matters decided by the agency.

    The Appellate Panel is housed in the Division’s offices but is separate and distinct; all three members are elected in a joint session of the legislature to four-year terms. They issue final agency decisions on unemployment benefits, unemployment tax, trade, and other contested matters.

    Learn more about the appeals process here.


        Division of Information Technology

    The Division of Information Technology’s (DoIT) is responsible for the selection, implementation, support, and security of the agency’s application systems, data and voice network, and mainframe and server hardware. It is also responsible for the integrity and security of the agency’s information; establishing and enforcing policies, procedures, and standards; and providing agency staff with a variety of technical assistance.

    The agency’s IT data center is overseen 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that the information technology needs of the agency are available and reliable. DoIT assists management in long-range strategic and tactical planning involving all facets of the use of IT solutions.


        Division of Internal Audit and Quality Assurance

    The Division of Internal Audit and Quality Assurance performs audits and reviews of agency functional areas, assets, financial records and information technology to ensure that adequate internal controls are in place and operating as intended.

    The agency audit team also reviews processes and procedures for effectiveness and efficiency and offers suggestions to agency management for improvements to the same.


        Division of Administration, Support and Operations

    The Division of Administration, Support and Operations is responsible for providing administrative and support services for the agency. The following departments report under this division: Support Operations, Printing and Postal, Supply and Inventory Control, and Public Safety.


        Finance Department

    The Finance Department is responsible for all DEW internal and external financial reporting, the processing of all purchase orders and payments of agency invoices, accounting and reporting functions for all UI benefits payments, employer tax revenues, tax withholdings, and administrative funding provided by state/federal agencies.

    The Finance Department also maintains records for all fixed assets, establishes and maintains proper internal controls for agency finance functions, prepares required federal and state budgetary documentation, and performs agency and program budget analyses. Additionally, the department provides technical financial accounting and reporting assistance to local workforce areas statewide. 


        Human Resources Department

    The Human Resources Department is responsible for employee relations, recruitment and selection, benefits, time, leave, payroll, compensation, compliance and policy development. Another major component of the department is the Employee Development team which is responsible for training our employees and leadership development.


        Office of General Counsel

    The Office of General Counsel (OGC) is responsible for identifying and meeting the legal needs of DEW. Its primary objective is to ensure the principled and accurate execution of the laws, regulations and policies that DEW  is responsible for administering, thus enabling it to accomplish its mission.

    The OGC provides, manages and coordinates legal counsel including appellate representation, contract drafting and review, legislation analysis, fraud prosecution, and advising on compliance issues for DEW. As part of these services, the OGC strives to minimize legal risk and costs, reduce litigation exposure, and ensure legal compliance, and to do so efficiently, expeditiously, reliably and professionally.


        Public Information Department

    The Public Information Department is responsible for the overall image of DEW via consistent messaging and by developing a working relationship with reporters and other media representatives, maintaining a community relations program, keeping contact with other government agencies, and keeping internal and external publics informed on issues that may affect them.

    Public Information is responsible for preparing information relative to the executive director and/or agency’s events through news releases, special activities, photographs, radio and television, advertising, internal staff and business newsletters and other informational material. The department also writes speeches, news articles, and radio and television scripts as needed on appropriate topics.



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    July 2014

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    Employed: 2,043,602
    Unemployed:  124,670
    Unemployment Rate: 5.7

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